Office Hours with Anna Gambill

    Anna Gambill

    Hello Future TCC Students! 

    My name is Anna and I am a part of the admission team at Tulsa Community College. On the calendar below you will see meeting times. Select the time that works best for you and we will meet by Zoom video or a phone call. 

    I am here to help you with your first steps to becoming a TCC student.
    I can help you:
    -apply for admission
    -sign up for Tulsa Achieves
    -check if your transcript/test scores are on file
    -verify that we have received your FAFSA
    -explain how to start New Student Orientation 

    I cannot help you enroll in classes. You will do that with an Academic Advisor during New Student Orientation. However, I can help with all the steps to prepare for New Student Orientation.

    We are excited for you to join our community. Let's start building success through education.

    Talk to you soon! 

    Anna Gambill
    Admission Counselor
    918-595-8163 (call)
    539-302-7512 (text)
    Unavailable / Filled
    Not Scheduled