Request Admission Term Change

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    Request for Change of Admission Term 

    Complete this form if you recently submitted an application, but wish to switch to an earlier semester.

    New admits wanting to move their entry term to a future term (Summer to Fall, or Fall to Spring) do not need to reapply or complete this form.

    Change of Admission Term Policy:
    1. The change of admission term form may only be used to move one consecutive term from the original term of admission (i.e. Fall to Summer, or Spring to Fall).
    2. If you will be attending another institution during the semester/term you applied to attend TCC, you will need to reapply and submit an additional transcript from that institution.
    3. Changing your admission term could affect your residency status and the corresponding rate of tuition and fees.
    4. This change could take up to 24-72 hours.
    Student Date of Birth*
    Student Date of Birth*